Luxury wedding car hire Melbourne

Mercedes, a brand synonymous in everyone’s minds with pure class and elegance – a true luxury car. Melbourne offers many wonderful and sophisticated places to get married and to really make the day complete, speak to us at Lakeside Prestige’s wedding limo and car hire. We have several different Mercedes cars, limos and convertibles to choose from.

There’s so much planning and budgeting that can go into a wedding, and you need to make decisions about so many different things like the venue, the type of cuisine (and further to that, which catering company to go for), colour schemes and floral arrangements, shape/size/flavor of cake, music, and so much more. The possibilities are seemingly endless. The anxiety you feel is actually due to too much choice (the paradox of choice).

Selecting a wedding car hire company needn’t be yet another lengthy hassle – at Lakeside Prestige car hire, we’ve put together a few handy pointers to look for when you’re searching for a wedding car hire company in Melbourne:

  1. Decide on the type of car you want – limo, convertible, sedan, or carriage?
  2. Decide on a budget for your wedding car hire
  3. Write down any questions you have. Feel free to contact us with anything you’re unsure about.
  4. Book early! To give you peace of mind, we recommend booking a minimum of 6 months early
  5. Take traffic into account. A fashionably-late bride is ok, but the same can’t be said about the groom!
  6. Stock the car with snacks and drinks. You never know when you’ll need them.

We understand that weddings can involve a lot of stress, and we’re here to subtract that from your very special day to make it unforgettable… for the right reasons. In black or white, we can cater to whatever body type you’re looking for; sedan, wedding limo, or convertible wedding car. Hire with us and we guarantee your journey will be a smooth one.