Lakeside Banquet and Convention Centre

Established in 1986 – Lakeside Banquet & Convention Centre has consolidated its position as the premier wedding, event, large and small conference venue in Melbourne’s North West. Well respected and noted throughout greater Melbourne the Galea family stems from humble beginnings whereby the patriarch Laurie bestowed his generous and witty nature coupled with good old-fashioned work ethic upon his extended family. A true understanding of his community and respect for the common man.

Now into its third generation, these qualities continue to evolve. Alongside our specialist team of creative wedding planners and intuitive event coordinators, you will be guided through a seamlessly tailored event. Our culinary team and wait staff understand the importance and gratification of satisfying your guests. – Bradley Galea

Chauffer car hire Melbourne

When it comes to luxury car hire in Melbourne, Lakeside Prestige offer a service unlike any other. Our uniformed, licensed chauffeurs are trained to provide a friendly and relaxed environment, so you can sit back and enjoy the comforts of your surrounds without any worries.

At Lakeside Prestige Car Hire, we pride ourselves in delivering the most professional chauffer car hire in Melbourne. When you hire our cars, we know that it’s not only our cars that reflect on our name but also the service our licensed chauffeurs provide. It is for this reason that we only employ the friendliest and well-mannered professional chauffeurs to properly carry our brand name.

We have extensive experience in chauffeur car hire in Melbourne, and the professionalism we use to approach each and every one of our clients is praised by our past clientele.

We know there are a myriad of costs involved in your perfect wedding. In fact, the average Melbourne wedding costs $36,000, but when working towards a budget, wedding car hire doesn’t need to break the bank. Our service is an affordable yet stylish piece of luxury, to complement any wedding.

Our individual chauffeured car hire prices are fair, and we offer different packages to suit any occasion. We also have a discounted rate for weddings booked on Fridays and Saturdays. For more information, or if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you with a response as soon as we can.

Prestige Accomodation

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